Irish road signs explained!

The road sign below is a pleasant reminder that the best way to find your way around Ireland is to…..well…err….ignore the road signs! Reminded me of something me mum once said which was based on her experience of growing up in rural north Donegal. And when I say rural, I mean rural. When a stranger asks you how to get from here to there, the response always being the same, wherever you are, whoever you are:

“Well sir/madam…you go straight down that road and that will take you wherever you want to get to.” Now this may sound funny, unhelpful or even spiritual depending on where you are coming from, or in this case, going to. But I can assure you dear reader; the directions were uttered with 100 per cent sincerity!

Anyone who can guess correctly where this particular signpost is situated wins a FREE compass and a 12 month subscription to ‘Unhelpful Irish erections daily’. Closing date to be announced so watch this space folks.

WTF?! Is this a WiFi wet spot???

3 thoughts on “Irish road signs explained!

  1. Hahah – it makes me think of waves – watch out for a possible tsunami? Either that or a falling staircase or extremely crooked roads. I have no idea where it could be.

    • I think your suggestions are more plausible Sheila 🙂 I’ll put you out of your misery…they are the signs for the Wild Atlantic Way, a new tourism initiative by Failte Ireland in rugged County Kerry in the south west of Ireland; Kerry being the very nemesis of sat nav.

      Speaking of tsunamis, a 55 foot wave was observed off the Donegal coast a couple of years back, it was understood to have originated from seas just to the south east of Iceland…a place even colder than Ireland.

      Just for the sheer plausibility of your suggestions, I’m going to FedEx you a FREE compass and a 12 month subscription to ‘Unhelpful Irish erections daily’, all the way to Cape Cod. Now you can’t say fairer than that!


      • Thanks for making me laugh! Those signs do look wild so that makes some sort of sense. I hope you won’t get too many more tsunami-type waves out there!

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