Collecting CD’s

Collecting CDs

1996  A.D.

Another collection…TV, spotlight, discs, an odd slipper, an overcoat.
Memories cannot be left behind, as I credit my fund of knowledge;
An account that lingers in red;
A Queen of Hearts will move me into black,
Only for Hell’s joker to saunter through and squander my hand.
Bound for another town and another job, amassing the stop gaps.
More gaps than chapters, but each gap builds the book they call ‘life’,
furnishing a long chronicle to sit amongst the sleeping masses;
they fill libraries as we do graveyards.

2010 A.D.

In the New Age, future generations surf over our life stories.
Go on…activate CD; resurrect me.
The disc was first collected by me.
A virtual photo album snapshots civilisations past,
Its idiosyncrasies provide a muse for the curious surferette,
Where ordinary legends can be launched from PC-TV.
Transmit them to your French pen pal over the ‘Net.

2100 A.D.

The begrudgers of history will find no disc space out in the future,
archived in dormant libraries on the I-way’s death row,
sentenced to a lifetime in downtown Alpha-Purgatory.
Hey look! There’s grandfather, father, daughter and son!
Related first by blood and then by inherited CD.
Technology ensures their lifetimes will run continually.

2200 A.D.

No more Anno Domini, what She giveth, She taketh away.
She comes to collect; an experiment; overgrown.
All human records are commandeered; a new Project beckons.
Will our remains ever be re-sown?
Or will our DNA mapping direct us to the great library in the sky?
Perhaps the map was divinely encrypted.
Unable to disengage from it’s self-destructive course.
Banished by its architect-in-chief,
Plunging us into an infinite equation beyond our best
Scientific and intuitive concept.

El inF?

January 1996

Cradle to Grave

Documented at birth,
A number stamped on our girth.
Like a supermarket bar code,
By the State we are followed.

A certificate parades in black and white,
As carbon copies take flight.
We’re tracked through early life,
To make us immune from dis-ease and strife.

But Big Brother still keeps tabs,
From Social Security to secret labs?
Is this the land of the free?
Or are we being watched constantly?
To the State we must contribute,
Until we are deaf, blind and mute.

On the Internet, in the mall or Sierra,
We are trailed by yet another camera.
Criminals beware, but innocents fear,
As vigilance creeps much too near.
For the privacy we once deserved,
Is no longer carefully preserved.

At the match or even Town centre,
They’re recording every damn manoeuvre.
A disjointed record it seems,
But databases are integrating in their reams.
For a detailed picture They can now produce,
A Socio-Economic profile they can now deduce.

So when you spend out with your card,
You produce evidence that’s monetary and hard.
For Big Brother just gets bigger,
Just so someone can determine their figure.
Information to be turned into notes,
Mark their silent words, and these quotes.
For the price of Liberty we must pay,
If vigilance carries on this way!

27th June 1997

It’s good to talk!

Just found this amazing new app. It’s called TALKING and has been crowd sourced through the Homo-Sapien platform, or ‘Darwin’ as it is known to its creators. This amazing new app has engaged the entire user community. Commentators are predicting it will take over from MutBook, Fritter and FreeSnail.

Everyone it seems welcomes this rediscovery of old technology. From software designers though to politicians, journalists, anthropologists and lollipop ladies. It is considered to be the only communication tool that can operate in any environment imaginable. The software has been reverse engineered in a way that means it can evolve with models across the globe. It is a work of genius that revolutionises the way we think about backwards and forwards compatibility.

Anyone can do it and if its founder and CEO Nee Ander Tall is right, we’ll all be using it soon. In the words of Tall, “it’s a game changer”. That’s a bold statement given the disappointing performance of his previous creation BANTER 7.01.  Chief software engineer, Chuck ‘Bull’ Schmidt puts BANTER’s failure down to the depressed markets which have been wallowing in a slump since the crash of 08. Schmidt concedes “we learned from that experience and aimed for a more modest yet ubiquitous product that would interface seamlessly with any model or system.”

The signs look good. On my way to interview, I overheard two young students talking to each other at the Met college campus downtown. Their peers looked on in amazement but it was interesting to note that soon, everyone started talking. It was as if a virus had permeated the atmosphere and was infecting anyone within earshot. Students were even using eye contact to bond with their contemporaries.

It’s premature to say whether our electronic devices are collectively destined for the great silicon graveyard in the sky. Perhaps a better fate will be their break up and recovery as the world struggles with growing scarcity of resources. Readers who want to find out more about TALKING are recommended to download the free plug in from

I predict a very bright future for TALKING, so long as the volume and listening features are properly calibrated. Too much TALKING can be troublesome and it would surely drive customers back to their Tablets.

© Article by Y. Arn Spinner, Ph.D
Professor of human-centred technology.
Society of Honourable Intellectuals Talking in an Esoteric way (S.H.I.T.E.)
State 51.

Slow down!

Why does everyone want something now? Or yesterday? What is wrong with waiting? Have we forgotten how to wait? Have we no time for delayed gratification?

So where do they pass me? They pass me in their car. They pass me at work. They pass me in the street. They pass me in the supermarket. They pass me in conversation. They pass me in their thinking.

No time for strangers to become acquainted. No time for eye contact. No time to smile.

So why wait? Why take it easy? Well, you can sense more, see more, hear more, feel more, taste more, enjoy more. Why rush from start to finish when there is so much to experience along the way?

So enjoy the ride. Enjoy the journey. Take in the view, breathe in the air and feel your own existence. For destinations and objectives eventually yield to new journeys, new riches, new vistas, new people and renewal. Life is a journey to be enjoyed and lived to the full. We are not machines. We are not slaves to technology.

If we are reduced to goals and objectives, our humanity, compassion and vitality is lost. We are more than machines. We are more than disposable human resources. Let us enjoy who we are and in our own good time.

Time may wait for no man…but man must know the virtue of patience.

The Software Generation

I was released into the wild during the summer of 1968, some 11 years after my predecessor. My world was and is based very much on software downloaded from my parents, who were born into a very different environment. I was marketed as the 2GI68, the fifth in a series of six diverse products. Alas, the 2GI68 has experienced a number of compatibility issues over disparate networks. However, its general performance has improved with the welcome addition of JO75. She is a nimble model and very well equipped. She benefits from extensive functionality and is quite adept at multi-tasking. The JO75 is also very aesthetically pleasing; a rare combination of elegance and performance.

Anyway, back to the 2GI68. Although he has benefitted from the interface with a younger model, he can still experience defective thought processes that sometimes stretch the wider network. He needs to recycle more and store less. When JO75 tried to re-install 2GI68, she was greeted with some very unwelcome messages, most of which failed the spell checker. In the end, it was suggested that she contact his maker. They have branches in many States and are renowned for excellent parts availability not to mention great after sales service. They recommended a multi-cultural service pack and this does seem to have stabilised 2GI68.

The convergence of 2GI68 with JO75 has yielded two very lively
new products. Their software is still being developed but they show plenty of promise and we keenly await future upgrades. They seem to interface seamlessly with comparably aged and sized products. One of the most pleasing features is the plug-and-play option. They do require frequent recharging, typically around Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner times. However, they occasionally require additional top ups between meals, especially when engaged in more rigorous activities. Failure to address this will invariably lead to a dramatic decline in performance and compliance generally. That said, they provide many hours of entertainment. Their sense-of-humour functionality works in credibly well and has exceeded all my expectations. It compares favourably against older models, possibly because they have not been exposed to excessive RSS media feeds and other sources of unwanted content.

The biggest problem is with the newer product ConLeche07. Occasionally, her batteries leak without warning and the device can overheat if corrective measures are applied too rigorously. Furthermore, the auto-sleep feature seems to be a bit temperamental and this has caused no end of problems, affecting other devices in the network. This has led to service outages during daylight hours and it has been difficult to keep the whole network online, especially during periods of high demand. We have consulted a networking specialist and he recommends that the auto-sleep feature be deactivated for a week or so, before being progressively reintroduced. This may warrant the reconfiguration of some address locations, until this process has been exhausted. Another difficulty relates to their tendency to process too many activities concurrently. This can make housekeeping and general systems management very challenging to say the least.

Despite these glitches, we have been overwhelmed by their degree of intelligence. This module is not included in the vanilla split
implementation and we hope and expect to see these benefits as both products reach maturity. The operation of this module is highly intuitive but one does have to be careful what Meta data you upload. Problems with association are notoriously difficult to debug.

It requires a skilled practitioner to master this feature so recommend its use with extreme caution. The RTF manual recommends that you program their settings so that they deploy activities in a linear manner. This will enable 2GI68 and JO75 to manage their resources more effectively. Failure to do so will compromise the main processor and potentially the whole network. When I researched this on the Internet, a few blogs recommended that the concurrent processing feature be configured before deploying the plug-and-play feature.

Overall, we are delighted with our new products. They have provided welcome additional capacity to what was an ageing network.

 Written January, 2010.

New adventure

This is the start of my adventure into the blogosphere. In my enthusiasm to find an original site and username, not to mention an attractive skin, I now feel too weary to write anything of note. So here is daring to be different. Let the journey begin.