Hatters rising from the ashes!


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There was a mighty man called John Still, Whose rep caused stadiums to fill. Took the mad Hatters to Grimsby, But the opposition was flimsy Our performance…simply Brill ! He is a legendary Hatter, Even when wrapped in batter. His … Continue reading

Doggy Wonder

Football’s the game at which she excels,
How this dog wonder weaves her canine spells.
Kick the ball so she can give chase,
Even with a head-start, she still wins the race.

Although a lady she still cocks her leg,
How they must wince when she raises her peg!
Pity the lamp post and the tree in the yard,
From countless gardens has this dog been barred.

And when you are sad, she lays down her head,
To offer you comfort from all of life’s dread.
She senses just when you’re feeling down,
She makes you feel loved and wipes away your frown.

How this dog ‘knows’ is beyond anyone I know,
Since her knowledge of English is limited and low.
She has a certain presence and lots of ESP,
Yes, this dog loves us boundlessly.