Jet Stream Crosses Equator, Unprecedented?

Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist


Unprecedented?  Jet Stream Crosses Equator // Published on Jun 28, 2016

The jet stream in the Northern Hemisphere has crossed the equator and joined up with the jet stream in the Southern Hemisphere. This is new behaviour, and indicates that climate system mayhem is ongoing.


Our  climate system behaviour continues to behave in new and scary ways that we have never anticipated, or seen before.


Welcome to climate chaos. We must declare a global climate emergency.


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2 thoughts on “Jet Stream Crosses Equator, Unprecedented?

  1. Hogwash! Jet streams are seasonal meanderers and follow sun angles. During the Spring and Summer, as the sun angle increases, the jets migrate pole-ward. During the Autumn and Winter, they retrograde back towards the equator. Of course they also are in the margins between air masses and often regulate mid latitude cyclonic troughs and high pressure ridging, along with the Coriolis Effect. They often take the path of least resistance, much like a river would around and through a mountain range and flow fastest through troughs and the periphery of ridging, A Geography Professor, especially a Physical Geography Professor should know better than to call it a crisis, let alone an emergency.

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