Let us build bridges…not walls.

Let us build bridges not walls. Martin Luther King Jr.

Let us build bridges not walls.
Martin Luther King Jr.


It’s not Donald Trump’s Mexican wall that should make you question his Christianity.
Article written for the UK’s Independent newspaper dated 19th February, 2016.

I remember an American sociologist describing the US some years ago as a profoundly secular society. He was right then and he’s right now.

American and British politics have one thing in common. Fundamentally, they are not about the collective good. There are numerous official sources that show an increasing gulf between rich and poor in the UK and US. Since the financial collapse in 2008, the rich have, somewhat remarkably, become richer. The poor have borne the brunt of ‘austerity’, a dreadful Victorian term if ever I heard one. Social, economic and foreign policy are increasingly less rooted in Judaeo-Christian values. The UK’s Bedroom Tax is an especially heinous tax that punishes children and the poor.

Trump talks a good game but his is the language of fear, hardly congruous with Christian values. He’s a bigot and a racist, period. Is Trump a Christian? Who even cares? What matters is his track record, his character and what he delivers from the board room and his political pulpit. He is a vile human being who certainly needs to find humanity. Whether he finds that through some religious or other experience, I don’t much care. America, the world’s most successful immigrant democracy needs a leader who can build bridges, not walls.

Not a Mexican wall, but a Mexican wave.


One thought on “Let us build bridges…not walls.

  1. Martin Luther King had a dream. He invited America and the world to build bridges, not walls.

    Trump is America’s recurring nightmare and I pray that he and his supporters wake up and regain consciousness soon.

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