Royalty and Austerity.

Royal Wedding and the Austerity Programme

Royal Wedding and the Austerity Programme

The Royal Household made the news recently and apparently it set Twitter “ablaze”. And things got a little bit fiery on my Facebook news feed too. This in response to an article in the Huff Post: Royals Vs Republicans: Does The Royal Family Really Pay For Itself?

Here is my Facebook Post:

Wouldn’t it be something if Twitter and the Media in general were set ablaze by something actually of real interest and/or significance…something that might make a tangible, social and economic difference to the lives of millions……I give you…


How about a cure for demand…caps on private rented sector to mitigate welfare dependency.

How about a cure for the supply side…huge investment in house building.

In a stroke, the government could redress the single biggest cause of social inequality in Britain and create the economic environment for sustainable, economic growth.

The benefits to UK plc and UK society would be simply immense:

a) would put thousands of construction people into work and all the way down the supply chain, manufacturing and service sector… would have a seismic impact on employment across all regions;

  • improve existing or develop new infrastructure, amenities etc;
  • provide secure tenure for many families and individuals on lower incomes;
  • redress and re-calibrate true cost of living, CPI and RPI, leading to a natural ‘correction’ in the national average ratio between incomes and property values;
  • redistribute power from landowner to occupant (not something the landowning Tory class is very enthusiastic about);
  • revive and regenerate old communities, especially in inner city areas, killed off my transiency and the buy-to-let obsession;
  • address the (profoundly unjust) inequality that exists between the baby boomer and generation and X, Y, Millennials;
  • reduce pressure on individuals and families to migrate/leave home/travel long distances;
  • provide Britain with an opportunity to go green, more Eco towns;
  • reduce strain on housing support and associated benefits;

Instead, we have to put up with the Tories who just want to sell sell sell and don’t actually want to build anything of value. They truly are the party of unemployment and if you probe deeply, they actually NEED welfare, it is THEY that suffer from welfare dependency!

Instead, we have rancid parties like UKIP, who tell us that all “these immigrants” are taking all “our” houses, all “our” services blah, blah, blah. Whilst they too are in hock with landowner interests and fiddling their EU and Westminster expenses.

Instead, we have politicians, of every stripe, milking the expenses system, so they can ‘flip’ homes or furnish duck houses, politicians in hock with landowners and their powerful vested interests…lets keep the poor in their place, God forbid we allow for any upward or social mobility on our watch.

Instead, we have an ineffectual Left who blame previous Governments for not building enough, or the current Government for not building enough homes.

Instead, we have a Media (from the comfort of homes they own) telling us about the SMALL BEER of home improvements to Buck House. Apparently, the schism between Republicans and Monarchists is what keeps millions of us awake at night.

And someone, somewhere is actually getting getting paid to write this crap! Am not a Monarchist by any stretch but this just one of many examples of how the media distract us from the REAL issues.


2 thoughts on “Royalty and Austerity.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Not much has changed between ancient Rome and now. Bread and circuses/games still allows politicians and people alike to not address the right questions. Great blog.

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