Facebook for the Fainthearted?


I have just read a BBC online article dated 21/10/2013 and felt it was of sufficient importance to remind all of us (and parents in particular) about the perils of social media and Facebook. Am not posting the full URL link because I think the article – whilst not graphic in nature – is disturbing enough, possibly to adults of a more sensitive disposition.

To put the article in context, I’ll quote John Carr, who sits on the executive board of the UK government’s Council on Child Internet Safety. “I have seen some of these videos – they are profoundly shocking, Facebook has taken leave of its senses. Those videos will fuel countless nightmares among the young and the sensitive.” And the view has already been established by the Family Online Safety Institute (a member of Facebook’s own Safety Advisory Board) which complained in May 2013 that they “crossed a line”. There is a list of other groups taking this view and what struck really me was the long term psychological damage that can be caused by just a few seconds of exposure.

The article puts this “line” into broad context, i.e. this being a freedom of speech versus safety issue. Whilst I recognise fully the value of Facebook, my ongoing concern is that you have to be something of an ICT security expert to fully comprehend Facebook’s increasingly complex settings. The purpose of this post is to share my concern as a parent, not to alarm anyone, nor take any view on the merits or otherwise of Facebook.

Article ID is here….. /news/technology-24608499


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