Start schooling later than age five, say experts


Interesting, but not at all surprising to see Mr Gove dismissing evidence based child psychology and mis-characterising it as pop-pych. He and his ilk will naturally oppose anything that values parenting, i.e. the idea that when parents are out in the workplace, they are somehow doing ‘real’ work, the inference being that parenting (and caring in general) contributes little value in narrow economic terms. The progressive and rational idea that parents contribute something to society is of little interest to a man and an ideology that is based on a sterile and austere world defined by competition and results.

I believe Stephen Biddulph has long been an advocate of ‘Parent Pay’. This being a way of the state recognising and rewarding, in economic terms, the contribution parents make both to society AND UK plc. I don’t think the last Government really gave that idea much of a hearing as it didn’t fit with their utopian ‘have it all’ mentality. Although to be fair, Gordon Brown’s system of tax/child credits helped to address this in part and helped to make New Labour the most re-distributive domestic tax regime since WWII.

However, this certainly won’t wash with the current coalition who whilst having the courage and fortitude to punish the disabled, the vulnerable, the young, the unemployed and the hungry; lack the backbone and moral fibre to reign in greedy financiers, morbid psychopathic newspaper proprietors (who are apparently happy to character assassinate the living and the dead)….not to mention the £ Bn 70 – £150 being off shored each year by companies who are sometimes headquartered in, always operating in, and certainly profiting from, UK plc.


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