Good Ol’ Fashioned Aliens

Behold the creatures from outer space,
The other day they gate crashed my place.
Heard a knock at my front door,
The shock had my chin hit the floor.

For a chirpy little green man appeared,
With weird specs and a sparkly purple beard.
I could tell he was from out of town,
So I beckoned his friends to come on down.

Now I’m not society’s greatest host,
But they seemed to enjoy tea and
my House speciality; carbonated toast!

When asked if they had travelled far,
Their chief pointed to a distant star,
(actually I think he meant Stevenage)

(Yeap, Stevenage)
For his blatant lack of English,
The wee chap couldn’t be blamed.

These guys were refreshing guests.
Refrained from alcohol, orgies
And didn’t even leave a mess.

Not one mention of “Take me to your leader”
or an enquiry about the planets principle breeder!
But perhaps most surprising to report,
Was their traditional means of vehicular transport.

For having waved them off from my front yard,
One saw a green legion peddling mighty hard.
Soon after, I went to the local rags,
But they just put it down to funny fags!

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