It’s good to talk!

Just found this amazing new app. It’s called TALKING and has been crowd sourced through the Homo-Sapien platform, or ‘Darwin’ as it is known to its creators. This amazing new app has engaged the entire user community. Commentators are predicting it will take over from MutBook, Fritter and FreeSnail.

Everyone it seems welcomes this rediscovery of old technology. From software designers though to politicians, journalists, anthropologists and lollipop ladies. It is considered to be the only communication tool that can operate in any environment imaginable. The software has been reverse engineered in a way that means it can evolve with models across the globe. It is a work of genius that revolutionises the way we think about backwards and forwards compatibility.

Anyone can do it and if its founder and CEO Nee Ander Tall is right, we’ll all be using it soon. In the words of Tall, “it’s a game changer”. That’s a bold statement given the disappointing performance of his previous creation BANTER 7.01.  Chief software engineer, Chuck ‘Bull’ Schmidt puts BANTER’s failure down to the depressed markets which have been wallowing in a slump since the crash of 08. Schmidt concedes “we learned from that experience and aimed for a more modest yet ubiquitous product that would interface seamlessly with any model or system.”

The signs look good. On my way to interview, I overheard two young students talking to each other at the Met college campus downtown. Their peers looked on in amazement but it was interesting to note that soon, everyone started talking. It was as if a virus had permeated the atmosphere and was infecting anyone within earshot. Students were even using eye contact to bond with their contemporaries.

It’s premature to say whether our electronic devices are collectively destined for the great silicon graveyard in the sky. Perhaps a better fate will be their break up and recovery as the world struggles with growing scarcity of resources. Readers who want to find out more about TALKING are recommended to download the free plug in from

I predict a very bright future for TALKING, so long as the volume and listening features are properly calibrated. Too much TALKING can be troublesome and it would surely drive customers back to their Tablets.

© Article by Y. Arn Spinner, Ph.D
Professor of human-centred technology.
Society of Honourable Intellectuals Talking in an Esoteric way (S.H.I.T.E.)
State 51.

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