Things other children say

One of my childrens’ favourites, taken from ‘Little Gems’ by Gervase Phinn:

I am a teacher. One day shopping with my three year old, she asked, “Mummy, can I have an ice cream, please?”


“Well, can I have some sweeties?”


“Well, can I have a biscuit?”


“Well, I don’t want another bloody book.”


Things my children say

One of the many amazing things about young children is how their innocence silences what we adults call our critical or inner censor. The audible results vary from sublime cerebral profanity to laugh out loud hilarity. Here are a couple to start things off…

Here is the cast of characters:

BooBoo (aged 6 and three quarters)
ConLeche (aged 5 and a quarter)
Daddy (aged 44 and a half)

BooBoo “Those leaves are playing tag”.

Post Script: I think this comes in at the profound end of the prose spectrum. This is what BooBoo observed from the kitchen, looking out onto the car park. Plato now has competition.

ConLeche “Why is the sky blue daddy?”
Daddy Grasps at straws in the absence of the world brain aka Google. “Err, it’s gotta do with the sun and how it reflects off the ocean” [neat impro, huh?]
ConLeche “I think there are some people who every day paint the sky blue” and conversation to that effect.


Post Script: I have to say, I prefer ConLeche’s vivid, artistic and imaginative version than my painful attempts at geoscience. A reminder that home education is a journey not a destination.